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Ultraviolet absorber (UV Absorber) is a light stabilizer that can absorb ultraviolet light from sunlight and fluorescent sources without changing itself.

UV Absorber is one of our main product categories, which has high quality and attractive price. Years of research and development, production experience, good reputation. Our UV Absorbers include Benzophenone UV Absorber, Benzotriazole UV Absorber, Triazine UV Absorber, Salicylate UV Absorber and Others. For the details of the chemical product, click the products from the table to the product page. For more chemical product needs, please contact us.

Product Name CAS No. Molecular Formula In Stock
Octyl Methoxycinnamate 5466-77-3 C18H26O3 YES
UV Absorber BP-12 1843-05-6 C21H26O3 YES
UV Absorber BP-8 131-53-3 C14H12O4 YES
UV Absorber BP-5 6628-37-1 C14H11NaO6S YES
UV Absorber BP-4 4065-45-6 C14H12O6S YES
UV Absorber BP-3 131-57-7 C14H12O3 YES
UV Absorber BP-2 131-55-5 C13H10O5 YES
UV Absorber BP-1 131-56-6 C13H10O3 YES
UV Absorber UV-320 3846-71-7 C20H25N3O YES
UV Absorber UV-327 3864-99-1 C20H24N3OCl YES
UV Absorber UV-326 3896-11-5 C17H18N3OCl YES
UV Absorber UV-328 25973-55-1 C22H29N3O YES
UV Absorber UV-360 103597-45-1 C41H50N6O2 YES
UV Absorber UV-571 125304-04-3 C25H35N3O YES
UV Absorber UV-P 2440-22-4 C13H11N3O YES
UV Absorber UV-329 3147-75-9  C20H25N3O YES
UV absorber UV-400 153519-44-9 C81H108N6O8 YES
UV absorber UV-1577 147315-50-2 C27H27N3O2 YES
UV Absorber UV-1164 2725-22-6 C33H39N3O2 YES
UV Absorber UV-1 57834-33-0 C17H18N2O2 YES
UV Absorber UV-3030 178671-58-4 C69H48N4O8 YES
Avobenzone 70356-09-1 C20H22O3 YES