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UV absorbs types, mechanism and application characteristics

The UV protection of textiles is to apply a substance that can shield ultraviolet rays on the fabric, and the fabric after being applied by the substance has no adverse effect on their wearing properties. The types of UV shielding agents include inorganic UV shielding agents and organic UV shielding agents (UV absorbers). Different types [...]


Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) and UV absorbers

Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) and UV absorbers Light stabilizer is an additive for polymer products such as plastics, rubber, coatings and synthetic fibers. It can shield or absorb ultraviolet energy, quench single line oxygen and decompose hydrogen peroxide into inactive substance, etc. Light stabilizers can eliminate or slow down the possibility of photochemical reaction, [...]


Wholesale and export fluorescent brightening agents

Applications and practical cases of fluorescent brightening agents Anyang General Chemical Co., Ltd. is a chemical enterprise integrating research and development, production and sale. Our fluorescent brightening agents have been exported to many countries all over the world and applied to various industries. These industries include washing industry, plastics industry, paper industry, paint and ink [...]


Development history of organic intermediates in China

Organic intermediates and fine chemicals industry Since the 1990s, the global organic intermediates and fine chemicals industry has gradually moved eastward, forming a production and trade center with China and India as the core. With the emergence of fine chemical industry in China, the solution of fine chemical raw materials has been put in the first [...]


Manufacturers and suppliers of special optical brighteners for plastics

Special optical brighteners for plastics Optical brighteners with high quality and good price Product Name: optical brightener OB CAS NO.: 7128-64-5/12224-40-7 Application of optical brightener OB: Used for whitening and brightening of PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene polypropylene, thermoplastic, ABS, cellulose acetate, paint and printing ink. Product Name: optical brightener OB-1 CAS NO.: 1533-45-5 Application of optical [...]


Fluorescent brightener CBS-X (351) in laundry detergent

Do you have to add fluorescent brightener in the laundry detergent? As we all know, clothes wear for a long time, wash more times will slowly become yellow and old. Then we will think of various ways. The simplest and most direct way is to bleach. Adding bleach is fundamentally white, that is, changing the [...]


Is fluorescent whitening agent safe? What is fluorescence?

Fluorescent whitening agents are actually very safe Laundry detergents and other detergents are often reported to contain fluorescent whitening agent problems, and even rumors that "fluorescent agent can cause cancer", which caused a lot of consumer panic. Are these rumors real? Are fluorescent whitening agents unsafe? What is fluorescence? In fact, fluorescence is only a [...]


Optical brightening agent use, fluorescent brightener manufacturer

Use methods of optical brightening agent in plastics Many plastic terminal manufacturers do not know much about proper use of fluorescent whitening agent (optical brightening agent). Today, Anyang General Chemical Co., Ltd. will popularize several use methods of optical brightening agent in plastics. So, how should terminal customers choose the best method according to product [...]