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UV Absorber 571 | CAS 125304-04-3

UV Absorber 571 | CAS 125304-04-3

  • CAS No.: 125304-04-3
  • EINECS No.: 401-680-5
  • Molecular Formula: C25H35N3O

Product Information of UV Absorber 571 (CAS 125304-04-3)

UV-571 is a benzotriazole UV absorber capable of strongly absorbing wavelength range of 300-400 mm. Suitable for PUR, coating and plasticized PVC, PVB, PMMA, PVDC, EVOH, EVA etc.

  • Product Name: UV Absorber UV-571
  • Chemical Name: 2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-6-dodecyl-4-methyl phenol
  • Molecular Weight: 411.64 g/mol
  • Synonyms: UV-571; Ultraviolet absorbent UV-571; Benzotriazole UV 571; BENZOTRIAZOLYL DODECYL p-CRESOL; uv stablizer 571
  • Category: Benzotriazole UV Absorber

Specifications of UV Absorber 571 (CAS 125304-04-3)

Appearance Light yellow transparent viscous liquid
Assay ≥95%
Boiling Point 545.1°C at 760mmHg
Flash Point >230°F
Melting Point >350°C (lit.)
Ash ≤0.1%
Loss on drying ≤2.0%
Transmittance 460nm≥95%; 500nm≥97%
Solubility Water Ethanol N-hexane Ethyl acetate Toluene
<0.01 12 >50 >50 >50
Packaging 25KG plastic drum or 200KG iron drum

Properties of UV Absorber 571 (CAS 125304-04-3)

UV absorber 571 is easy to dissolve in many solvents, monomers or intermediates, and easily emulsified in water-based adhesives. It also has high compatibility with a variety of substrates, even has low volatility at high temperatures, has the characteristics of the high absorption and protection efficiency.

Applications or uses of UV Absorber 571 (CAS 125304-04-3)

  1. UV absorber 571 is widely used in thermoplastic PUR, coating and foam materials.
  2. It is also can be applied for the rigid and plastic PVC, PVB, PMMA, PVDC, EVOH, EVA, heat curing unsaturated polyesters and spin finishes for PA, PET, PUR and PP fibers.
  3. It is also applies to the lattices, waxes, emulsion, adhesives and styrene copolymer, elastomer and polyolefins.

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