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Applications and practical cases of fluorescent brightening agents

fluorescent brightening agents

Anyang General Chemical Co., Ltd. is a chemical enterprise integrating research and development, production and sale. Our fluorescent brightening agents have been exported to many countries all over the world and applied to various industries. These industries include washing industry, plastics industry, paper industry, paint and ink industry, textile industry, etc.

Applications of fluorescent brightening agents in various industries

Special fluorescent brightening agent for washing industry

Fluorescent brightening agents used in washing products can visually make the washed white clothes whiter and brighter, and light-colored fabrics become more dazzling. At the same time, fluorescent brightening agent can improve the appearance of laundry powder and soap. The addition of fluorescent whitening agent makes the appearance of the product white, crystal and beautiful, and increases the whiteness and brightness of the product.

Special fluorescent brightening agent for plastics industry

The application of fluorescent brightening agents in plastics must meet the following requirements simultaneously.

  • High purity.
  • Non toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Migration resistance.
  • Processing temperature resistance.
  • Sun resistance and weather resistance.
  • Good compatibility with other additives.

Our special fluorescent brightening agent for plastics meets the above requirements simultaneously. When the amount added is 0.01%-0.05% of the whitening substance, it can achieve good whitening effect. When used, the fluorescent brightening agent is fully mixed with the raw materials of the desired whitening product.

Special fluorescent brightening agent for paper industry

The fluorescent brightening agent has good compatibility with all kinds of papermaking fillers, chemicals and adhesives. It can withstand a certain degree of acidity, adapt to the needs of the process of paper industry, and has high affinity for paper fibers. Both pulp and glue have suitable fluorescent brighteners to provide bright whiteness. It has obvious effect on paper whitening and brightening. It is an efficient fluorescent whitening agent for paper.

Special fluorescent brightening agent for paint and ink industry

Special fluorescent brightening agent for paints and inks is a high-grade additive specializing in various paints, inks and coatings. The use of this product can greatly improve the whiteness, brightness and brilliance of paints, inks and coatings.

The fluorescent brightening agent in waterborne coatings and waterborne paints has the properties of heat resistance, weatherability, yellowing resistance and migration resistance, which can keep the whiteness of coatings and paints.

Special fluorescent brightening agent for textile industry

Properties of fluorescent brightening agent in textiles

Fluorescent brightening agent is an important functional assistant. In the field of textile fibers, it is mainly used for dyeing and whitening fabrics. It has good affinity, solubility and dispersibility to the whitening substance. It has good properties of washing resistant, light resistant and hot resistant. Fluorescent brightening agent is mainly applied to natural and regenerated cellulose fiber dyeing and whitening. It has 3 main characteristics.

  1. high affinity, especially for dip dyeing process.
  2. stable in the powder and oxygen bath.
  3. good wet fastness.

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