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Anyang General Chemical Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of chemicals. We mainly provide multiple types of chemicals (fine chemicals, optical brightening agent, hindered amine light stabilizer and catalysts and auxiliaries) for customers. Fine chemicals include Ginger oil, BOC-L-phenylalanine, L-Glutamine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Arginine, DMI, 4-Methylmorpholine, Methylnaphthalene, β-methylnaphthalene, Fluorene, Cresol, Coal Tar Pitch and so on. Catalyst and auxiliary include PdCl2(PPh3)2, Pd2(C17H14O)3, Sodium lignosulphonate, Dispersing Agent NNO and Dispersing Agent MF. Our these chemicals all are superior in their performance, quality, price and etc. They are sold well in China, even exported to America, Europe and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. You can search our product by CAS No. or product name, or you can contact us to talk with our experts online. Your requirements will be promptly replied.

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Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer(HALS) 622

Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer

Light stabilizer manufacturer and supplier, hindered amine light stabilizer from China. Stable chemical properties, superior quality and low price. Contact us.


Optical Brightening Agent

Optical brightening agent we sell has 15 types, including optical brightening agent ER-I, optical brightening agent ER-II, etc.

Organic Chemicals

Fine Chemicals & Intermediates

We offer kinds of Fine Chemicals & Intermediates. If products you want are not in the list, please feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information.

Catalyst & Auxiliary

Catalyst & Auxiliary

Catalysts and auxiliaries we sell include PdCl2(PPh3)2, Pd2(dba)3, sodium lignosulphonate, dispersing agent NNO and so on.