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Rubber auxiliary we sell has 3 types, including accelerators thiazoles, dithiocarbamates and thioureas. They are classified according to the type of compound. Our accelerator thiazoles are MBT(M), MBTS(DM) and ZMBT(MZ). Accelerator dithiocarbamates we sell include 8 chemical products, which are ZDBC(BZ), ZDMC(PZ), ZDC(ZDEC, EZ), ZnEPDC(PX), ZBEC(ZBDC, ZTC), ZiBTD(IBZ), TTCu(CDD), and TDEC. Accelerator thioureas include DPTU(CA) and ETU(Na-22). These chemical products all are superior and favourable, which can be applied to the manufacture of tires, latex products, etc. You can achieve more information by visiting the product web pages.

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