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Rubber auxiliary chemicals, demand exceeds supply

After 65 years development, rubber auxiliary industry of China has become the top 1 on production and sales, take up more than 70% share of the world, which slowly begins to lead the world rubber chemicals industry development. Rubber auxiliary of China is already big and becoming strong. Let’s check the hotspots of the year, and try to discover the development direction and the industry future from the hotspots.

Rubber auxiliary chemicals, demand exceeds supply

4 hot spots of rubber auxiliary industry in 2017

Hot 1: Environmental protection

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In the end of August 2017, the scheme for air pollution comprehensive control tough action and strengthen supervision in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and the surrounding areas of 2017-2018 autumn and winter will be introduced (hereinafter referred to as “the scheme”). “The scheme” pointed out that in order to further safeguard environmental air quality in the fall and winter of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and the surrounding areas, further promote atmospheric environmental law enforcement inspection work, formulate heating season staggering production industry air control measures. From the perspective of the scheme, the implementation time of the key industry stagger production and control is mainly concentrated from November 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018, for a period of four months.

Most of the production of rubber auxiliary chemicals are concentrated in the northern region (shandong, henan, hebei, tianjin, Inner Mongolia, jiangsu, shanxi), while the northern part of winter is an important area of air treatment.

Hot 2: Rise in price

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In 2017, we have entered the fourth quarter, and the current price of rubber auxiliary chemical products have all the way up, and the top product  growth has increased by more than 70%.

Due to environmental protection, winter air treatment and the increase of basic chemical materials price, all kinds of chemical raw materials and rubber  auxiliary have been raising prices more or less recently. So the industry will face such a situation: the orders are easy to pick up, but later delivery may be affected by the price of raw materials and the limit of production.

Multiple factors affect the price of rubber chemicals in the fourth quarter. Influential factors include winter air treatment, rubber auxiliary factory stop and limit production, the low inventory of rubber chemical manufacturers, the pre-christmas shopping season abroad, and the environmental protection tax in 2018.

4 hot spots of rubber auxiliary industry in 2017

Hot 3: Clean production

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Since 2016, clean production has been a mainstream topic in rubber chemical industry , it will lead China rubber chemicals to the world. Clean production should be integrated into automation and continuous production to improve the production process, production equipment and online control level.

In the coming years, rubber chemical plants will rapidly improve production, environmental protection, quality, management level. And small unlicensed plants will slowly disappear or upgrade, then the rubber chemicals market pattern will be new.

Hot 4: Microchannel technique

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The advantages of microchannel are high efficiency, safety, small production area, easy to control, easy to realize small, intelligent, automatic  and professional. In the past two years, some plants have being studying microchannel technology. If qualified products are produced, rubber chemicals will realize automatic and continuous production, it will greatly improve production efficiency and safety, and the production will be more easy to control reaction temperature and time, realize the long term efficiency improvement.

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The above four hotspots about rubber chemicals, the first two has more realistic significance. The next two hotspots are the concerns of rubber chemical plants, which are more meaningful to the industry, and they will promote the leap-forward development of China rubber chemical industry!

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