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Sodium lignosulfonate uses, CAS 8061-51-6

Upstream raw materials of sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6): Sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate,tertiary, sulfuric acid, mundificant, caustic soda, ammonium nitrate

Downstream chemical products of sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6): Thiodicarb wettable powder, oilfield oil-displacing agent

What’s the uses of sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6)?

Sodium lignosulfonate (wood pulp) is the extract of bamboo pulping process, which is made by concentrating, modifying, spraying and  drying. Sodium lignosulfonate(CAS 8061-51-6) is light yellow (brown) free flowing powder, and easy to dissolve in water. The chemical property of the product is stable, and the long-term sealed storage can not be decomposed. Lignin series product is a kind of surfactant, a variety of products can be produced by modification, processing and compounding. These products are mainly used for resin, rubber, dyes, pesticides, ceramics, cement, asphalt, feed, water treatment, water coal slurry, concrete, refractory materials, oil drilling, compound fertilizer, smelting, casting, adhesive. It has been proved by experiment that lignosulfonate is very effective in preventing sandy soil and can be used as desert fixed sand agent.

sodium lignosulfonate uses

Main uses of sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6)

  1. Concrete water reducing agent. Sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6) is a kind of powder low air entraining retarding water reducing agent. It belongs to anionic surface active substance, has adsorption and dispersion effect on cement, and can improve various physical properties of concrete. Sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6) can reduce water consumption by more than 13%, improve the work-ability of concrete, and greatly reduce the hydration heat at the early stage of cement hydration. It can be compounded into early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent, etc. The liquid admixture made of sodium lignosulfonate and naphthalene super plasticizer is hardly precipitated.
  2. Additive for coal water slurry. The addition of sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6) in the preparation of coal water slurry can increase the mill output, maintain the normal state of pulping system, reduce the power consumption of pulping, and improve the concentration of coal water slurry. In the process of gasification, the oxygen consumption and coal consumption are decreased, the efficiency of cold gas is increased, the viscosity of coal water slurry is reduced, and the stability and fluidity of coal water slurry are reached a certain degree.
  3. Refractories and ceramic body reinforcing agent. In the manufacturing process of large size wall and floor tiles and refractory bricks, sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6) can make the raw material particles of the solid body firmly stick together, and the dry billet strength can be increased by more than 20% – 60%.
  4. Fillers and dispersants for dye industry and pesticide processing. Sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6) can be used as dispersant and filler for vat dyes and disperse dyes, which can increase the color power of dyes, make the coloring more uniform, and shorten the time of dye grinding. Sodium lignosulfonate can be used as filler, dispersant and suspending agent in pesticide processing, which greatly improves the suspension rate and wettability of wettable powder.
  5. Binders for powdery and granular materials. Sodium lignosulfonate can be used for the ball pressing of iron ore powder, lead zinc ore powder, pulverized coal and coke carbon powder, compaction of cast iron and cast iron sand mold, extrusion molding of mud brick wall and floor tile. Balling of mineral materials can obtain high strength, good stability, lubrication mold and other good results.
  6. Sodium lignosulfonate can be used as diluting dispersant and viscosity reducer in drilling, which can improve the fluidity of the crude oil transportation and reduce the energy consumption. In petroleum products, sodium lignosulfonate is used as cleaning agent, dispersant, high alkaline additive, antirust agent, antistatic agent, emulsifying viscosity reducer, paraffin removing and paraffin inhibitor.