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Methylenedithiocyanate | CAS 6317-18-6

  • CAS No.: 6317-18-6
  • EINECS No.: 228-652-3
  • Molecular Formula: C3H2N2S2

Product Information

  • Synonyms: Dithiocyanatomethane; Methylene dithiocyanate; Methylene bis(thiocyanate); MBT; MTC
  • Molecular Weight: 130.18
  • Air & Water Reactions: May be sensitive to prolonged exposure to air. Decomposes in water (not vigorously) and more rapidly in boiling water.
  • Usuage: Methylene dithiocyanate emulsion is used as bactericide.
Test Items Specification
Appearance Pale yellow free flowing powder crystal
Assay ≥95.0%
Water ≤3.0%
Acetone Insolubles ≤1.0%

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