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Application of Ethlenethiourea (CAS 96-45-7)

Ethlenethiourea(ETU), chemical name 1,3-Ethylenethiourea or 2-Imidzolidnethione, also known as Accelerator NA-22, Cas No. 96-45-7, molecular formula C3H6N2S.

Ethlenethiourea (CAS 96-45-7) is an imidazoline vulcanization accelerator, which can be used in chloroprene rubber, chloroprene rubber, chlorinated polyethylene, etc., especially suitable for the anhydrous accelerator of the non-sulfide system.

Ethlenethiourea (CAS 96-45-7) has a high degree of processing safety and enables proper vulcanization to be attained speedily at normal vulcanizing temperatures.

The sulfurized products have high tensile strength and permanent compression deformation. The non-sulfide system for W type (i.e., 54-1 neoprene rubber) has a remarkable effect.

Ethlenethiourea (CAS 96-45-7) is usually used in conjunction with zinc oxide and magnesium oxide, mainly used in industrial products, covered wires, shoes and other neoprene products.

Ethlenethiourea is an auxiliary brightener for copper sulfate.

Ethlenethiourea (CAS 96-45-7) is also used as an intermediate in fine chemistry for the manufacture of antioxidants, insecticides, fungicides, dyes, drugs and synthetic resins.

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