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Dispersing Agent MF, what are the uses?

Dispersing agent MF is mainly used as dispersants and extenders for vat dyes and disperse dyes, mainly used in the processing agent and dispersant when grinding dispersing dyes and reducing dyes, the performance is better than that of dispersing agent N. Dispersing agent MF has the advantages of good grinding effect, dispersibility, heat resistance, high temperature dispersion and stability.

Dispersing agent MF is more resistant to high temperature and stability than dispersing agent N. Disperse agent MF can make the dye shade bright, the color force increases, the coloring is even. Dispersing agent MF can also be mixed with various dispersants to meet the commercial requirements of different disperse dyes and vat dyes. It can also be used as early strength water reducing agent for concrete, stabilizers for latex industry and auxilliary tanning agents in leather industry.

The specific usage of dispersing agent MF

According to the formula, the dispersing agent MF is poured into a sand grinding pan for sand grinding, after sanding, adding other ingredients for the next process. Liquid dispersant should be fully stirred before using, mix well and then put into a sand grinder.

Packing and storeage of dispersing agent MF

  1. The dispersing agent MF is packed in a woven bag lined with plastic film, each bag is 25Kg, and the product name, net weight, production company and address are printed on the bag.
  2. Keep it waterproof and damp when storing. If agglomerated, please mix it with a solution or crush, do not affect effect.
  3. The quality guarantee period is two years.