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Coal Tar Pitch

Coal Tar Pitch | CAS 8052-42-4

  • CAS No.: 8052-42-4
  • EINECS No.: 232-490-9
  • Molecular Formula:

Product Information

  • Product Name: Coal Tar Pitch
  • Synonyms: Asphalt cutback; asphalt fumes
  • Appearance: Black solid


High-Temperature Coal Tar Pitch(Modified Pitch)

Parameters Unit Range Test
Softening Point 105-120 ASTM D 36/D36M–09
Toluene Insoluble % 26-34 ASTM D 4312-95a(2010)
Quinoline Insoluble % 6-12 ASTM D2318-98(2008)
Fixed Carbon % 52-62 ASTM D 4715-98(2008)el
Distillation 0-360℃ % 2-5 ASTM D20-03(2009)
Ash Content % 0.3max ASTM D 2415-98(2008)
Water Content % 1 max(solid) ASTM D 95-05(2010)
2 max (liquid)
Sulphur % 0.45-0.70 ASTM D 4294-10
Density@15℃ g/cm³ 1.20-1.34 ASTM D70-09el
Viscosity@140℃ cp 3000-27000 ASTM D 4402
Viscosity@160℃ cp 1000-4500 ASTM D 4402
Viscosity@180℃ cp 200-750 ASTM D 4402
Sodium ppm 50-250 ICP
Calcium ppm 20-180 ICP
Silicon ppm 50-200 ICP
Iron 50-250 ICP
Mesophase % 1max ASTM D 4616
Note: The Specs can be adjusted according to customers’ requirement.

Usage: Coal Tar Pitch is mainly used for binding agent for combing with calcined petroleum coke in pre-baked anodes. It can also be used to make coating, pitch coke, fuel, material of carbon black oil etc.

Packaging: One ton jumbo bags for solid pitch or as customers’ requirement.

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