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Ethanethioamide; TAA

Thioacetamide | CAS 62-55-5

  • CAS No.: 62-55-5
  • EINECS No.: 200-541-4
  • Molecular Formula: C2H5NS

Product Information of Thioacetamide (62-55-5)

  • Product Name: Thioacetamide
  • Synonyms: Ethanethioamide; TAA
  • Molecular Weight: 75.129 g/mol
  • Appearance: white powder
  • Purity: ≥99%
  • Melting Point: 133-144 °C
  • Applications: Thioacetamide is mainly used as pharmaceutical raw materials, rubber additives, polymer curing agents, crosslinking agents, and also can be used for the production of catalysts, stabilizers, polymerization inhibitors, electroplating additives, photographic chemicals, pesticides, dyeing auxiliary.

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