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Pd2(dba)3 | CAS 51364-51-3

  • CAS No.: 51364-51-3
  • EINECS No.: 610-654-4
  • Molecular Formula: Pd2(C17H14O)3

Product Information

  • Product Name: Pd2(dba)3
  • Chemical Name: Tris(dibenzylideneacetone)dipalladium(0)
  • Synonyms: Pd2(dba)3; Tris(dibenzylideneacetone)dipalladium; 51364-51-3; Pd2(dba)3; 52409-22-0; Tris(dibenzylideneacetone)dipalladium (o)
  • Molecular Weight: 915.73
  • Melting Point: 152 to 155 °C (306 to 311 °F; 425 to 428 K)
  • Appearance: Purple-black powder
  • Assay(Pd): ≥21.5%
  • Solubility: It is modestly soluble in organic solvents, insoluble in water.
  • Storage: Air sensitive, moisture sensitive. Inert gas filled, then sealed and kept in a dry place.

Tris(dibenzylideneacetone)dipalladium(0) or Pd2(dba)3 is an organopalladium compound. The compound is a complex of palladium(0) with dibenzylideneacetone (dba). Because the dba ligands are easily displaced, the complex is used as a homogeneous catalyst in organic synthesis.

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