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Optical Brightening Agent EBF | CAS 2866-43-5/12224-41-8

  • CAS No.: 2866-43-5/12224-41-8
  • EINECS No.: 220-685-1
  • Molecular Formula: C18H10N2O2S

Product Information of Optical Brightening Agent EBF

  • Product Name: Optical Brightening Agent EBF
  • Molecular Weight: 318.35
  • Synonyms: 2,2′-(2,5-Thiophenediyl)bis-benzoxazole; 2,5-Bis(2-benzoxazolyl)thiophene; 2,5-Di(benzoxazol-2-yl)thiophene; optical whitening agent EBF; Fluorescent brightener 185; FBA 185

Specifications of Optical Brightening Agent EBF

Items Specifications
Appearance Light yellow crystal powder
Purity ≥ 99%
Melting point 216-220 °C
Volatile compounds ≤ 0.50%

Fluorescent Brightener 185Properties of Optical Brightening Agent EBF

Fluorescent brightener 185 does not dissolve in water but in organic solvent and in concentrated acid and gives off bright colored blue fluorescent light. Its maximum absorptive wave length is 367 nm(DMF) , and its maximum emissive wave length is 429 nm.

Applications of Optical Brightening Agent EBF

Fluorescent brightener 185 is mainly used in making commercialized bright EBF, and can also be used in various polyolefine plastics, ABS engineering plastics and in organic glass to make their color brighter.