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Innovation hotspots of rubber auxiliary industry in the first half year of 2017

Innovation hotspots of rubber auxiliary industry in 2017Industrial innovation hotspots are closely related to environmental protection, safety and product. Environmental protection is the most eye-catching hot spot of 2017. To solve the environmental problems of rubber auxiliary industry, there is 2 directions. Firstly, we need to solve the problem where it begins, and achieve real clean production with zero emission. Second, we need to solve the problem where it ends, the emission must meet environmental protection standard. In 2017, innovation hotspots of rubber auxiliary industry are as follows.

Micro channel reaction technology

The micro channel reaction technology has the advantages of not only environmental protection, but also reaction efficiency and low reaction cost. Taking advantage of new reaction technology and completely solving the environmental problem from the beginning. Of course, the new technology needs to be improved continuously, developed to adapt to rubber auxiliary enterprise actual situation. selectively developing products which is easy to realize, then extending to other products and making industrialization come true finally.

Wastewater utilization technology

Currently, the waste water of rubber auxiliary factories is mainly accelerator wastewater, but also is high salt and high organic wastewater. Single wastewater treatment technology is difficult to meet the emission standard. Accelerator leading enterprises, through years of continuous innovation, developed a complete set of waste water terminal management technology.

Leading enterprises drive the industry

Now it is a critical period of rubber auxiliary industries. In addition to environmental protection and safety, which are the 2 basic survival life line. Automation-informatization fusion, lean management, technology self-innovation, brand management are the four main factors that make enterprise stronger.