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Green will be direction of the future chemical industry

Green chemical industryThere are three main directions for the future development of green chemical industry in China, suggested by the research report on technical trend projection of green chemical industry. The report is released by National Science Library(NSL).

First of all, focusing on the green transformation of existing chemical technology. Through the development of environmental protection and green chemical process, to realise the greening of chemical production from raw materials to products.

Secondly, Strengthening the application of biotechnology. Biological technology will become the dominant technology of chemical synthesis, compare with traditional physical chemical method, it has superiority such as high efficiency, low cost, high selectivity, less secondary pollution, etc.

Third, promoting micro chemical technology. Microchemical engineering and technology is a common foundation and key technology for tackling key problems in the field of chemical engineering in the 21st century, and will bring significant impact to the traditional chemical industry. It will enhance chemical process safety, promote process intensification and chemical system miniaturization, improve the utilization efficiency of energy resources, to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.